I'd Rather Change Than Stay The Same

by Our Life Story

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released May 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Our Life Story Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Growing Pains
Today is just another chance to see how the indecision is killing me and I've got to break the chains the bind me. We're putting new ground beneath our feet, and I'll never stop reminding you that this is it this is how it has to be. Some things are just too big for me, to put down on a piece of paper, to let slip out from my fingers. And it's like a breathe of fresh air. Wanting what I know is better, knowing that it's now or never. I'm lost inside a day of growing pains. My body aches from these steps that I take, it never fails to keep my mind racing. And it's impossible for me, to ignore this freezing weather that waits for me outside. I can't get sleep, I'm 23 years deep in this mess and I'm , battling these fears that are always holding me back. I know these barriers, like all your words, are on failing structures. WIth the little luck we have, we will make the most of whats around us. We feel the pain of growing up, but I'm sure we will see tomorrow.
Track Name: Over Thinking
Can you speak up, articulate. Everything that's on your mind. You're out of line and you're wasting my time. At least I tried, at least I tried. (that's more than you can say) You're voice became the ringing in my ears. Here I am over-thinking again, too many things left on my mind and I hate to say it, but the days have come and gone. And I swear to god I'd do anything for Spring to finally come. What happened to the time when we were friends? And everything seemed easier. It could never last, you're stuck in the past. It's been building up to this and I won't hold a single thing in. You say I've changed but so have you. I never asked for anything. The weather brings a change in me and takes away the air I breathe. I'd rather change than stay the same. The snow may be beautiful, but I don't know if I'll make it through the winter. The air here is so cold and it makes me colder everyday.